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Bulldog ants of the Eocene Okanagan Highlands and history of the subfamily (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmeciinae).

Published 2006

Year 2006
Language English
Collection ant_texts; additional_collections
Notes Annals of the Entomological Society of America, Volume: 99, Issue: 3, Pages: 487-523


Reviewer: Dr Ant - - October 3, 2007
Subject: Deliberate ignorance?
It must be my fault but I'm unable to see what can be 'interesting'and 'pretty good'in a paper confusing dinosaur ants with bulldog ants and ignoring the most significant contribution to the group (Baroni Urbani, 2005). A third class paper.
Reviewer: Klammm - - September 26, 2007
Subject: Fascinating!
An interesting look intothe lives of tiny buddies.
Reviewer: ugukthecrow - - July 21, 2007
Subject: ok
pretty good.
Reviewer: antdude - - May 6, 2007
Subject: Mixing bulldogs and dinosaurs
The authors cite but ignore Baroni Urbani (2005) and other previous papers dating back to Clarck (1934) separating the ant subfamily Myrmeciinae (bulldog ants) from the subfamily Prionomyrmecinae (dinosaur ants). The paper contains no explanation for this. The explanation, however, is simple: there are seven known synapomorphies characterizing the Myrmeciinae and four characterizing the Prionomyrmeciinae but no one of these characters is visible among the compression fossils described in this paper…